I remember the exact day I rediscovered photography.

I was one of two people in a mountain valley about 20 miles from the nearest road, and as the sun began to turn the summits pink and then orange, the valley yawned and quite suddenly we were surrounded by some of the most vibrant wild flowers I’ve ever seen. Early morning mist made layers of the mountains in the distance. It reminded me of the impressionist paintings I had studied in college – the light was so radiant I half expected to see a unicorn frolicking in the field. So I decided to take a picture… with my phone. I was hooked.
I went to school for photography, but after interning with a couple of wedding photographers and shooting for a magazine or two I decided the artistry was missing and switched my focus to graphic design. The mountains helped me to find photography again, helped me to rediscover that part of myself.
screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-12-12-37-pmBorn in Colorado but raised in Florida, I now live in Denver. I am the very definition of a Weekend Wanderer; the hills and rock and snow will always feel like home. One of my greatest passions, one of the things that brings me the most joy, is documenting the journeys and friendships that are forged as we push to the edges of summits to redefine our own limitations.

Brands / Publications

• Fujifilm
• Backcountry.com
• City of Taos
• Sawyer
• Kelty via Gumption Gear Review
• Natgeo Adventure
• NATIVE eyewear
• Professional Skater Magazine
• Thought Catalogue
• Matador Network
• Columbia Eyewear
• Ethnotek Bags
• Rucksack Weekend
• Women’s Wilderness
• Colorado Mountain Club